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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Read on to find out more about our school and approach to education...

Welcome to Wyche CE Primary, a warm, inclusive school renowned for its strong family ethos, innovative and exciting curriculum and high academic achievement.

Here at the Wyche we are committed to involving children fully in their education, exploring the world through exciting and engaging 'vehicles' - large scale, hands-on learning projects which allow children to experience the national curriculum subjects in new and exciting ways and challenge them to explore the world through rich experiences.

There is always something fascinating going on at the Wyche and our high expectations, coupled with a passionate belief in the importance of joy and wonder, ensures our students are enthralled by their learning, genuinely care for each other and achieve extremely well.

We are a church school and engage closely with the neighbouring All Saints, Malvern Wells and & Wyche, where children explore the Christian faith and celebrate the festivals of the church, drawing strength and wisdom from the teachings of Christianity.

The school was graded as Good in its most recent inspection with many Outstanding features, with inspectors commenting that...

"Pupils flourish socially, academically and emotionally in this small and caring school, and observing that we offer "an innovative, exciting and effective curriculum that puts the personal and social development of pupils at the heart of learning. This is because leaders hold a resolute belief that these are the skills pupils need to be successful in life. Extensive research underpins the curriculum. It ensures that all pupils receive a rich and memorable education."

The LA awarded the school a "Effective Practice" award describing the school as being "at the cutting edge of curriculum development".

The school has recognised strengths in Teaching and Learning (LA Effective Practice award) Art (Artsmark Gold), Music (Ofsted), ICT (Ofsted, Becta lead school), Sport (Activemark), School Leadership (NCSL Leadership Development school) and is an ECO school (Green Flag status).

We are a well equipped school with our own TV studio, radio station, recording studio and a set of VR goggles with a 360 degree camera.

Whether you are an existing parent, a prospective family, an interested visitor or indeed a pupil, you are most welcome here at the Wyche, where we are determined that, adult and child alike, our school days should be among the happiest of our lives.

Stephen Murphy, Headteacher

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