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Support for Parents 
- Pregnancy & Babies -

Support With Parenting: Pregnancy & Birth 


NHS Advice & Services 

Telephone Advice Line  

The service is available Monday - Friday between 9:00am-1:00pm by calling 01905 520 032 

Caring for a newborn baby 

How to look after a newborn baby in those first few days (0 to 12 weeks) 

Support and services 

How to keep well after having a baby and where to get support. 

Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding advice 

How to breastfeed and bottle feed. 

Newborn screening 

Find out what screening tests your newborn baby will be offered. 

Newborn twins and multiples 

Help with raising newborn twins and multiples including feeding advice. 


What to do if your child needs medical help and vaccination guidance. 

First aid and safety 

What do if your child has an accident and the latest safety advice. 

Baby's development 

Read about baby reviews, teething, potty training, learning and behaviour. 

Weaning and feeding 

How to move on to solid foods and drinks, meal ideas and food safety. 

Worcestershire Starting Well Partnership 

Baby Buddy App 

The free Baby Buddy app is with you throughout your pregnancy and parenting journey, day by day.  

Health Visitor Service 

Health Visitors work with families to improve future health outcomes for babies, children and families including first time mothers and fathers and families with complex needs. 

Local Clinic 

Sunshine Family Hub Malvern 

Clinic: Thursday 9:30am - 11:30am (15 min appointment) 

Please call 01905 520 032 to book. 

Baby and Infant Feeding  

Help, advice and services for breast and bottle feeding, including health diets and vitamins. 

Baby & Infant Sleep 

Advice on sleeping routines and safe sleeping. 

Sleeping Habits 



Training courses 

Understanding Your Baby 

A supportive and helpful course to allow parents to understand and meet their new baby’s needs. 

Access code PARENTSROCK  

Pre-term birth and newborn illness (Hospital) 

A reassuring and helpful course to help parents manage and understand premature birth and birth complications /newborn illness 

Access code PARENTSROCK 

Pre-term birth and newborn illness (coming home) 

A reassuring and helpful course to help parents manage and understand premature birth and birth complications / newborn illness as they return from hospital to the home. 

Access code PARENTSROCK 

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