Autumn Term 2020

This term your talented teachers have dreamed up vehicles which welcome children back to learning after lockdown with a unifying theme of Wellbeing


Green Class' theme is canals and waterways, tapping into the restorative power of nature, the slow pace of the towpath and working towards making a working scale model of a lock gate.

Orange class will design an online Art Gallery, create their own website then make and exhibit their own artworks, hosting them live on the bespoke site.

Blue Class are looking upwards at the cosmos learning about astronomy and constellations  and gaining strength and comfort from the awe and wonder of Stargazing; this will bear fruit in short films and animations about the stories and secrets hidden up there the night sky.

Yellow Class will be writing and directing a film about the rainforest, drawing healing and wellbeing from the beautiful creatures, the sights and sounds of the lush tropical forests for South America.

Red Class' vehicle is "vehicles" - children are getting inspired with a sense of momentum and hope for the future by learning about the help we received through emergency vehicles, the human spirit which triumphed in the space race and ultimately, designing and building their own vehicles to carry them into their own bright futures.

As a whole school we are considering how we can stay safe and get well, in body mind and spirit, including collective worship centered around the miracles of Jesus, showing that trusting in our parents, teachers and in God can help us recover from challenging times.

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