Spring Term 2021

Although we are separated by the lockdown regulations, we will continue to explore our themes in depth, through home learning posted online. All the work you do, the knowledge you acquire and the research you do will form part of our vehicle outcomes when we come back together again, whenever that may be.


Green Class' theme is Springwatch! They will be exploring the natural world, developing knowledge about our local wildlife and working towards a broadcast at the end of the Spring Term.

Orange class are exploring Ancient Egypt and part of their vehicle will be asking the children to decide the beats way to present their findings to you, their audience.

Blue Class are learning about the Tudors and across the subject boundaries and tell  us that their knowledge will bear fruit in an online quiz.

Yellow Class are exploring science through books, looking for the experiments in a range of classic children's fiction and discovering what they tell us about the world around us.

Red Class are exploring the oceans, the Arctic and the shore with their Blue Planet theme, learning about the wildlife which lives in these habitats, the threats they face and hoping to correspond with our friend, Sir David Attenborough.