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Gofu Juu

Our Tanzanian Family

More than a link school, more like a family.

Wyche C of E Primary School is honoured to be in partnership with Gofu Juu school, in Tanga, Tanzania and work closely with its staff and pupils, and the Headteacher Monica Mbilu.


Staff from both schools visit each other annually to learn together in fellowship, break down barriers of race, faith and culture and simply extend the hand of professional respect and friendship around the world.


The Wychumvi Charity was founded by a former headteacher of the Wyche in 2009 to supply lunches for the children of Gofuu Juu. Each day children at the Wyche bring in 5p pieces. Each 5p piece pays for a nourishing meal for one of our Tanzanian brothers or sisters. We think it an important part of the curriculum to understand the idea of charity, compassion and reaching out to others.

The word Wyche means salt. The Swahili word for salt is Chumvi. Together they spell Wychumvi, with the word "chum" in the middle, sealing the friendship of these two schools who are one family.

Please support the Wychumvi charity if you choose to by following this link. 

The staff at Gofu Juu
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