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What We Learn 

How We Organise the Curriculum
(so both the lessons and the learning are memorable)

Each term we organise the national curriculum into a "Journey".This means we find meaningful cross-curricular links between subjects and work to "Perform, Publish or Present" our knowledge and skills at the end of the term, learning with a purpose and for an audience.

Click on your class's name to see this term's curriculum journey. Previous journeys are below.

As a United Kingdom Voluntary Controlled Church of England school accountable to Worcestershire Local Authority, we follow the National Curriculum (DfE 2013) and the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE (revised 2020).

We use Essential Letters and Sounds as a Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme to ensure consistency in Early Reading. Our reception children learn and are assessed in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We are currently undergoing a curriculum review, developing the vision and pedagogy for this new decade. As curriculum materials are developed they will be made available here.

The core subjects of the National Curriculum are English, Maths and Science and in a church school RE is also a core subject.

In mathematics we are currently following the White Rose Maths progression and using the resources as a starting point for teaching.

For Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) we use the Coram Life SCARF materials. You can see the curriculum and content below.

Our exciting and innovative cross-curricular projects combine the National Curriculum subjects into immersive and engaging learning experiences. The real-world outcomes allow children to take risks, experience challenge, deal with disappointment and failure, success sand triumph and go on Physical, Mental and Emotional journeys which allow academic progress and development of character.

Below are the documents which organise the statutory content of the National Curriculum which teachers use to plan their cross curricular projects. 

Mr Murphy leads curriculum. To find out more about how we organise the curriculum and follow it in our teaching and learning make an appointment and come and have a chat. 

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