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Mental Health and Wellbeing

It's Okay not to be Okay

Whatever your age or position in life we all need a bit of help sometimes.


The PDF has a list of links where individuals and families can get help or talk to someone if they are struggling with their mental or emotional wellbeing. Our mental health champion is Mrs Baylis.

If you think your family needs some support with relationships, parenting or just the strains of life, we can offer Early Help, a very effective service from Worcester Children First where a professional listens, gives advice and helps you to make changes which lighten the load. They can signpost to useful services too. Ask us about Early Help, sooner rather than later and we can offer some assistance or have a look here.


An app and website for young people to manage their mental health.


NHS provision for young people who need mental health diagnosis and treatment.


A trusted charity who offer lots of mental health support for children.


Samaritains are a respected charity who will always listen to adults in need, whatever the problem.


NHS hub for adult mental health.

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