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Image by Chinh Le Duc

How We Learn

How We Learn - The Journey

At The Wyche we learn in an exciting and engaging way. Teachers plan immersive, long-term projects called Journeys, which not only allow the children to explore national curriculum subjects in breadth and depth of study, but present real-life, real world challenges to pupils and introduce cutural capital - the best of what has been said, made and done in the arts, science and sport over human history.


We make sure we are learning with a purpose and anticipating an audience, meaning that at the end of term we will always "Publish, Perform or Present" our learning.


Children may find themselves ordering wood on the telephone from a builders' merchant, interviewing a Polar Explorer, planning the layout of a stand-alone website, directing a short film or learning how to use a drill.

In the past our curriculum has seen children making a film for Springwatch which was broadcast on primetime BBC, designing gadgets to improve the quality of life of children living with disabilities then pitching their inventions to our local MP, building go-karts and racing them down the hills and running a radio station.

Where will we go together next on our journey?

"Theseus & The Minotaur" is Blue Class' film, written, directed and produced by the children in Autumn term 2021.

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