Vision and Values

You've Come to the Right Place, Now Up We Go!

At The Wyche we believe learning is synonymous with joy and fulfillment. It is our mission to make every moment of the day worthwhile, educating the whole child with the whole teacher. The aim is to allow academic and personal growth which leads to success and fulfillment, now and in later life. 

This means we learn with our hands, our heads and our hearts, with practical, thought-provoking and spiritually satisfying experiences which are designed to outlast the classroom and remain with learners for life. Children are involved in planning and learning at every stage,

"Pupils flourish socially, academically and emotionally in this small and caring school" (Ofsted 2020)

We also believe we are equals and are a community where adults and children are encouraged to treat each other with mutual respect, becoming directly involved in the planning of their learning.

Our acts of collective worship promote reflection and prayer on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the witness and examples of Christians past and present and promote mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as a charitable and moral outlook.

Our recent Ofsted Inspection said the Wyche puts "the personal and social development of pupils at the heart of learning".

STRIVE Values 


Safety Trust Respect Inspiration Value Engagement

We are developing our distinctive Christian vision at the moment and want these values to drive everything we do.